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The Jump Manual Review

Sports like basketball and volleyball require you to jump as high as your body allows. You know that the higher you can jump, the better you will perform in such sports, and so, you probably spend a huge chunk of your training sessions perfecting your jump (if you play any of these sports). Fortunately, someone out there knew exactly what you were going through, and he know exactly what you wanted to achieve, and, most of all, knew the right techniques to help you achieve a higher, better vertical jump height. That person is Jacob Hiller, the creator of The Jump Manual.

Who is Jacob Hiller?
Jacob Hiller is a renowned basketball coach, and through his years of experience as a coach, he observed at close quarters what players go through to increase their jump height and what it takes to achieve such a feat. Hiller’s basketball training skills are undisputed, and a number of reputable basketball publications have commissioned him to write articles that generally dwell on sports performance enhancement and training.

Jump Manual at a Glance

Essentially, the Jump Manual comprises of a number of concepts that users can explore to improve their performance and tap their body’s innate potential to reach higher jump height. In addition, these concepts can also boost muscle power such that they can push the body higher when you jump. Also, there are a variety of diet suggestions that enhance muscle growth and performance, as well as helping your body to recover faster after training. The Jump Manual uses credible scientific theories to enhance an individual’s athletic abilities and boost their sports performance. In the end, the user will have a good understanding of the different factors that come into play when it comes to top sports performance, things like nutrition, training, and form, among others.

The Jump Manual program consists of the following features that you’ll have full access to:

You will get a full workout chart that basically details the workout routines you need to perform to increase your jump height. There’s a whole video library of training videos that demonstrate in minute detail how each exercise is performed. There’s also a complete nutritional plan that shows you the foods you need to eat in order to complement your workout routines, and how and when to eat what food. You’ll also have access to unlimited one-on-one sessions where you can discuss your situation with an expert and they will answer every query you present. In addition to one-on-one sessions, you’ll have access to exclusive training forums where you can share ideas with different like-minded people chasing the same goals. You will have access to interviews with leading NBA coaches as well as professional athletes.


What Are The Really Good Points About Jump Manual?
Generally, any individual involved in sports may use the Jump Manual to better their game because the manual focuses on sports performance in general, although certain sports will extract more benefit from it. But the really good thing about this program is that it contains a number of good theories based on science that elaborate the dynamics of a jump, and once the user grasps these fundamentals, they may be able to incorporate them into their training to develop a solid push that would thrust them higher when they jump. There are also a lot of concepts on form, which is crucial for performance. Another good thing with the Jump Manual is that the concepts suit all age groups, so kids and adults alike can apply the concepts to become better sports performers.

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Since the program provides for one-on-one sessions with Jacob Hiller himself, it would be very beneficial to get his perspective first-hand as well as discuss your limitations for him to address them appropriately. This one-on-one support from the creator himself is a huge plus for this program, and it shows that he trusts his theories so much that he’s willing to sacrifice time and help clients achieve their personal goals. Contact is mainly through Skype and email.

Finally, the e-book guide and videos can be accessed on any operating system, so you don’t have to worry that your system might not be compatible.

The Negatives
In line with any credible review, this review would never be complete and balanced without discussing some negatives about the product. The biggest negative about the Jump Manual is that its theoretical concepts are a little hard to put into practice. While the concepts are based on credible science, they may not give the desired effect if, for instance, the users are not practicing the correct form. In addition, it would appear that the theories would be best instilled by a fitness coach, meaning that users would benefit with the help of a fitness coach, which means added costs for hiring the coach.

Another negative that users have discussed is that the 60-day money back guarantee will only return your money if you fail to add 10 inches within 12 weeks. However, 60 days comes down to roughly 8 weeks, less than the minimum period in which you’re guaranteed to increase your jump height by 10 inches.

Overall, Jump Manual is rated at approximately 4.5 out of 5 by the majority of users. Since users generally give objective assessments of a program after trying it out, it is safe to conclude that the Jump Manual lives up to its claims, going by the positive rating. It really provides a deeper understanding of what it entails to achieve a better vertical jump. Also, the creator demonstrates a high degree of understanding of his concepts, and the fact that he dedicates a huge chunk of his time to personally help users is says a lot. Better yet, the concepts are explained in a way that is easy for the average user to comprehend, and although they may be hard to apply, the results are very attainable. Jump Manual is highly recommended for athletes that want to improve their performance, but especially to basketball players that want to increase their jump height.

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